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Walts Puffer AA/FC

In 1975 Woody GilmoreĀ  would build his last funny car chassis. It was built for Detroit native Walt Knoch Jr. Walt convinced Woody to build just one last fuel altered. However with the demise of the class, plans would change. A call was made to Fiberglass Trends and a new Chevrolet Monza body was on it's way to Detroit. The body and chassis where sent to famed tin man Al Bergler for the metal work. Walts long time friend Bob Sweatt applied the candy red lacquer and the air brushed accents. The Final Walts Puffer was born.

The engine is an all aluminum 471 cubic inch Hemi from Donovan Engineering, backed by a Lenco 2 speed and chromed 9 inch ford rear end.

Walt made several passes in the Monza at Detroit Dragway before giving up the seat to it's new and final driver. Later in 75 Willie Borcsh would wound his Mustang II funny and was with out a ride. Walt offered up the Monza, and Willie and the Puffer headed West to complete the remainder of his bookings.

In 1976 the Puffer ran a best of 6.14 at Orange County. The following night the upper half of the engine was stolen, this was the end of the Monza's short racing career. This would also be Willie's final ride. Walts wife headed to California to bring the Monza back to Detroit where it was parked in Walts shop until Walt would part with it one final time.


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